About Us


Blanche Copeland is the proud owner of BG Inspirations which was founded in 2017.  BG Inspirations was birthed out of how excited Blanche's grandmother became when she would receive gifts with inspirational messages from family and friends.   

In seeing this excitement and joy that it brought,

Blanche wanted other people to experience that same joy and excitement when they purchased or received one of our many gift items.

We want our customers to know that they are valued and encouraged in whatever situation they may go through and BG Inspirations is here to give them those words of encouragement whether it is on a mug, journal, wall decal or piece of art, etc.  Our products are excellent gifts for:

  • yourself

  • birthdays

  • anniversaries

  • thank you's

  • graduation

  • holidays like Mother's Day, Father's Day or Christmas & Kwanzaa

We hope that you enjoy our catalog of products and we KNOW that you will find something to satisfy your needs...... So have fun shopping!